It’s hardly a surprise…

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By Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

The notorious Noah’s Ark Ministries ‘discovery’ of the well-preserved remains of the Ark have been outed as a hoax, not that it should come as a surprise. A letter to Dr Randall Price from two Kurdish brothers has been published on the web. In it, they say that they helped to construct the remains, which they had been told were to be used for a film set.

As others have pointed out, the story had a strange feeling to it from the outset. On wonders how much money Noah’s Ark Ministries International Ltd. has made from this scam. It may be no coincidence that the group’s website has not been updated since the initial announcement in 2010.

Hat tip to PaleoBabble for the link!


  1. Just because a hoax is ousted does not mean the event never happened. Examples of good archeology that prove the validity of the Bible would be the Dead Sea Scrolls, the ruins of Jericho (with walls destroyed except in one key area, as well as remaining food supplies implying a very short siege), and the Ebla tablets. Or, there’s the discovery of Hebrew-styled houses in Egypt (different layout than standard Egyptian houses) proving their slavery and then exile, the Sumerian King list, and many others. Considering that, there seems to be more hoaxes on the side of evolutionary, naturalistic philosophy – such as Archaeopteryx. Not technically a hoax, but it is a true bird. Other true birds have been found below A.pteryx in the fossil record, which proves birds either existed before it, or both died during a cataclysmic event such as Noah’s flood. However, A.pteryx is still passed off as ‘evolutionary link’ between birds and reptiles, despite the evidence against such a claim.
    Anyways, I’m not trying to bash, but show both sides to the story. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, have a great day.


  2. The discovery of Hebrew style houses does NOT confirm their enslavement / exile, it only proves they lived there. That’s like saying the fact the pyramids exist PROVES aliens taught a man-god how to levitate stones. There are many theories about the Israelites in Egypt, if you are feeling like an interesting watch, the History Television (I know, I know, the name is usually an insult to actual history) series “Battles BC” has an episode called “moses death chase” which is a very fun thought exercise, though I doubt it actually has much truth to it, I believe it about as much as I believe an omnipotent being gave some guy 10 laws by yelling through a burning bush.


  3. Great site. Keep up the good work. I’m currently studying anthropology at UVU in Utah Valley, and due to its geographic location in the notorious Happy Valley, I am constantly arguing with all kinds of folks who would probably be institutionalized if their views weren’t popularly supported here. So, this site is quite refreshing.


  4. In your analysis of the human prints you only deal with the 1930 discoveries. If you are serious about your science then you will examine the most recent human prints alongside dinosaur prints, found in July of 2000. I trust you are more committed to true science, than the dogma of evilution.


  5. Actually, and say some thing about Mar­tin Doutré this person start talking a bout the Ancient code which encrypted in the pyramids in Egyptian civilization and he interfering , plagiarized the values of lunar month and lunar year and start to apply them on the reality and that is what the book was talking a bout , maybe he thought if he in the farthest area on the earth so , he can start talking and start chaining the minds of the people who are listening to him and he plagiarized the values from Egyptian book which published in Egypt in 2000 and the name of the book is ” Ascending to the kingdom of heaven’ , any way, he maybe supported from a some one to do some distraction about the Author to stuck the new science with Hebrew Knowledge and to stuck his discoveries as he Alleged until this science get its place in the world . I want to put my 2 cent worth , that the new science which revealed in the book ” Ascending to the kingdom of heaven’ 2000 is owned to the author ‘ Mohamed Ahmed Teleb’ only and any one plagiarized from it he will put him self against a legal action , and one word for Mar­tin Doutré Although the correct and right applying of the lunar month and year values in your archeology , it doesn’t mean that you have discovered them . they are pure Egyptian science and nobody can take it and stuck it with Religion Knowledge , No copy right have done in your works.


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